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Benefits of IASO Tea

Benefits of IASO Tea

A healthy lifestyle is what everyone aspires to have. Everywhere you turn you hear eat less carbs, drink more water, sleep for eight hours, exercise and the list goes on and on. These suggestions may be true; however, we all need to take into consideration that being healthy is much more than the external factors but also what we put into our bodies.

We needwater, vitamins, mineralsand all the different food groups (carbs, proteins, milk and dairy products, fats, sugar, fruit and vegetables) for our survival. The question is what foods are we consuming and how much of it? The total life changes health kit is the masterstroke to get a good health.

A lot of the food we eat are very detrimental to our health and creates little monsters inside our bodies. Have you heard of parasites? I am sure most of us have and know how deadly these worms are. Parasites can live inside of us for over twenty years. A lot of time we don’t even know they are there.

You may say I'm a vegetarian so I don't have parasites, guess what you are so wrong! Parasites are not only inhabitants to the meat, fish and sushi lovers but they are also airborne. We can also breathe in these parasites. If you have pets there is a possibility that you have parasites. You see, these parasites do not pick and choose who to make their host. Nobody is safe!

All is not lost! There are a lot of different medications we can take to rid our bodies from these parasites. The question is do you prefer taking a product that is 100% organic with no side effects that has proven to work, or do you prefer using medications that list a million side effects that makeyou wonder how beneficial they are. All of us are in hurry and want to lose 10 pounds fast. Visit our weight loss section!

The Iaso Tea is 100% plant and herb based and is highly recommended to rid our bodies from parasites. It consists of nine different ingredients combined together to make it very powerful. These ingredients include Myrrh, Malva, Marshmallow, Holy Thistle, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Ginger, Chamomile and Persimmon Leaves.

I refer to this tea as the "magic" tea". It detoxifies the body, cleans the upper and lower intestines, liver, lungs, blood and colon. The elimination process is very subtle. There is no crampingor diarrhea so need not worry if you’ll have multiple trips to the rest room. There is only one result from drinking this tea and that is becoming a healthier you!



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