Organic Shatavari Capsules 2250mg & Ashwagandha, Bacopal

  • Excellent Formula: Cona Shatavari capsules 2250 mg per serving is a perfect combination of healthy ingredients with the exceptionally strong formula: Shatavari powder 1800 mg, Ashwagandha powder 300 mg, and Brahmi powder 150 mg. Cona product is a very good combination of native plants to bring you an energetic fresh life and effect on your health and body.
  • Nutrients Rich: Shatavari is a great source of vitamins A,B,C,E,K…, also contains minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium…and essential proteins. Ashwagandha contains high energy, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and some other minerals. Brahmi contains nutritions good for brain health.
  • Immunity Booster: Shatavari root extract builds body immunity, boosters the stamina. It may Makes you feel energetic and loaded with antioxidants, encourages healthy aging. Ashwagandha is a powerful source of energy, improves stamina and boosters the immune system. It may support brain health and mental clarity supports a healthy response to stress. Brahmi leads to better brain functioning, improves mood and alertness.
  • Multiple Benefits: Fresh pure Indian capsule also improves concentration, promotes less fatigue. Our capsules may help in rejuvenating the body. Shatavari capsules have active ingredient support and modulate immune function, helps in weight management, good for a vegan diet with high level of antioxidants. Shatavari also improves the digestion system, supports healthy woman hormone production and reproductive function.
  • Guarantee: Our vegan organic Shatavari supplement product is used by everyone as it is free any harmful ingredients like gluten, Gmo, dairy, soy, wheat, or any artificial flavor. Shatavari herb is specially selected and manually graded to give the best products. All our supplements are 3rd party tested to ensure superfood quality. We would like to distribute this nutrient-dense gift from nature to human in the most honest way. Free Refund in case unsatisfactory.